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We're your reliable vape Advisor! Visit our shop to see our great range of high-quality products at amazing prices.


Thanks to our years of experience and close customer contact, we at The Vaporman Ltd know what you want, make time for you and have made it our goal to fulfil all our customers' Needs, we always strive to go above and beyond what you may expect from a vape shop. while most people are thinking of going the extra mile we take this a stage further we look to go the inch at every opportunity and would like to think that we have selected products that deliver this and our service should always shine through.


Established in 2013 We have been around the block and we know what works and what to avoid in the vaping industry. our E-liquids are hands selected and go through a rigorous process nothing even come close to getting into our stores without being tried and tested by our staff we test the liquids for a multitude of reasons but the main ones. We set out with one main goal Help as many smokers as possible make the switch to vaping, but we don't just want you to make the switch we want to make sure you stay quit, that is why we go further than others we want also want to make the transition as easy as possible and always make sure we offer peace of mind. We are more than to advise on the kits for the right job. you will always receive our honest opinion on E-liquids and we are always happy to help. we list a few of the thing we do to ensure a great customer and a great vape experience but there is so many we could write a book below so here a few key differnce you get with The Vaporman.


That it tastes as it says on the tin- we hate nothing more than a liquid that claims a flavour and fails to deliver, when you buy E-liquid from us you can rest assured it is going to taste how it is described, not only do we taste these we write our own descriptions of them too!!


It Isn't going to kill your coils - We Have all been there got a liquid we are really looking forward to putting in our tank get a sweet burst of something resembling a good taste but a couple of hours later our coil need changing and we are left with a burnt nasty taste we are hating. not a worry here at the Vaporman Ltd we don't only test these on just one tank but on a selection of tanks with a mass of users,  so we make sure our liquid don't destroy your coil and taste dam great. you can buy with confidence and know you're not going to need a multitude of coils to use your juice.


Is it the best we can findThere's is nothing worse than buying a liquid and it just not living up to expectations. so this is a pretty simple test that our liquids go through is this the best version of the flavour we can at a value for money price. quite simply if we wouldn't be willing to go into a store and pay that price for individually E-Liquid then it's a no go. it is well known that you get what you pay for vape juice but there is no reason why premium quality can't come at a value for money price we strive we every range to make sure this true.


When it comes to Kit's we put our money where our mouth is all of our kits come with 28-day warranty on batteries, tanks (we even protect you from leaking tanks) we also fully back any manufacturers given warranty on top of this so you have an extra month of coverage from ourselves. not only do we do this to ensure peace of mind for our customers but our hardware is tried and tested we only stock kits we know we can back the warranty on, your not going to buy a kit from us and have fallen to pieces on you in a few days. There's added bonus of being able to buy from us with peace of mind that all of our kits, tanks and accessories, in fact, all of our products are original manufacture verifiable kits. no worries about a clone or fake piece of hardware. when you buy from the Vaporman ltd you can buy with confidence.


We are a Legit company. we are not some fly by night vape company set up to run away we have been in the industry, we are a fully VAT registered business we are doing things right when you buy from The Vaporman Ltd you need not worry about us disappearing overnight. with extensive stocking and quality products, We have thousands of Satisfied Regular customers and hopefully, you may just have found your new trusted vape outlet so you join the ranks of our community and join the vape revolution with us .







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